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The Paris International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) starts on Thursday and, as every year, is one of the most attended and hyped exhibition in Paris. But the fair is not the only interesting event happening in October and we’ve selected ten other exhibitions that take place around the same period and deserve a closer look. Between the Galerie Perrotin, the Palais de Tokyo or the Fondation Cartier, it will be a busy month for all art lovers!

1 – Julio Le Parc « BIFURCATIONS » at the Perrotin gallery. October 14th to December 23rd

Recent years have been fruitful for Julio Le Parc. After exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo in 2013, the Serpentine Gallery in London in 2014, the retrospective at the Perez museum in Miami and the solo show in New York last year, the Argentinian artist is back in Paris to expose recent and historical artworks at the  Perrotin gallery from October 14th to December 23rd. Will be exposed exclusive installations and mobiles, as well as recent paintings, a good introduction to the world of the op-art and kinetic art pioneer. You will also get to see a virtual reality artwork, designed in collaboration with his son Juan Le Parc.

Série 14 E nº14, 1972. © Claire Dorn

Série 14 E nº14, 1972. © Claire Dorn

2 – William Forsythe « Choreographic Objects » at the Gagosian gallery. October 15th to December 22nd

The Gagosian gallery has decided to welcome acclaimed choreographer and artist William Forsythe for an exhibition of « Choreographic Objects » which comprise of installations, film works and interactive sculptures. Forsythe has not only redefined the rules of ballet and theater choreography, he has always strived to experiment and engage the visitor in his art. Forsythe’s exhibitions are always far from static and play with human emotions and movement. You’ll have the chance to see the majestic « Black Flags », a duet between two industrial robots who engage in a synchronized choreography holding huge pitch black flags, as well as « Towards the Diagnostic Gaze », an interactive artwork with a feather duster. Lastly, will be exposed a video installation, « Algnigung », made in collaboration with the world’s greatest dancers.

William Forsythe, Black Flags, 2014 © David Brandt

William Forsythe, Black Flags, 2014 © David Brandt

3 – Carte Blanche to Camille Henrot at the Palais de Tokyo. October 18th to January 7th

The Palais de Tokyo has decided to offer french artist Camille Henrot her third Carte Blanche exhibition. Prizewinner of the 55th Venice Bienale Lion d’Argent in 2013, the artist mixes multiple mediums and techniques (installations, sculptures, drawings and videos) to translate her curiosity for science, anthropology and ancient and modern myths. The exhibition, called « Days are Dogs », explores how the week, and the days that compose it, structure our relationship to time. It reveals how a certain routine is reassuring but also alienating, by creating a set of constraints and dependencies. The exhibition is segmented in seven thematic chapters, each representing a day of the week. Camille Henriot will present a large selection of her work as well as pieces from other international artists she has invited like David Horvitz, Nancy Lupo, Avery Singer and many more.

Camille Henrot, Monday, 2016 © ADAGP

Camille Henrot, Monday, 2016 © ADAGP

4 – The 2017 Marcel Duchamp Prize at the Centre Pompidou. September 25th to January 8th

On the occasion of the 2017 Marcel Duchamp Prize, the Centre Pompidou invites the four finalists, Maja Bajevic, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, Charlotte Moth and Vittorio Santoro to present their artwork in a collective exhibition. Maja Bajevic, trained in Sarajevo and in the Beaux Arts of Paris, was shown at the last Venice Biennale in 2015 and produces an engaged work that questions contemporary geopolitical contexts, access to information or categories of power. Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige are a duo living between Paris and Beirut and also present at 2015 Venice Biennale. Charlotte Moth is an English artist living in France, who explores space as architecture. Vittorio Santoro became known in France with an exhibition at the Ricard Foundation in 2012. His universe, intimately linked to literature, allows him to engage in minimal narratives of objects.

Maja Bajevic © Audrey Laurens

Maja Bajevic © Audrey Laurens

5 – Atelier Van Lieshout’s « Domestikator » in front of the Centre Pompidou during the FIAC (Hors Les Murs). October 18th to 22nd

After the controversy surrounding Atelier Van Lieshout’s « Domestikator » artwork, it has finally found its place in front of the Centre Pompidou. The piece, which had been banned from the Tuileries gardens, represents a vision of modern domestication and asks the question of whether or not constant technology advances and the domestication of our world are a good thing. The artwork is an amazing 12-meter high sculpture made with red blocks presented by the Carpenters Workshop gallery.


6 – Ali Kazma « Souterrain » at the Jeu de Paume. From October 17th to January 21st

The Jeu de Paume museum is welcoming Ali Kazma for « Souterrain » which shows the evolution of his work throughout ten years of activity. Will be exposed twenty videos, two of which have been made exclusively for the exhibition, as well as a photograph. His artwork aims to deepen the fundamental questions about the meaning of human activity in the economic, industrial, scientific, medical, social and artistic fields. Adding to the complexity and mystery of the world, Kazma provokes and ethical and aesthetic debate around multiple themes.

Ali Kazma, Subterranean, 2016

Ali Kazma, Subterranean, 2016


7 – Gonzalo Lebrija « Caída Libre » at the gallery Laurent Godin. October 15th to December 16th

« Caída Libre » is the fourth exhibition of the Mexican artist Gonzalo Lebrija at the Laurent Godin gallery. The artist was born in 1972 in Mexico City and now lives in Gadalajara. He is the founder and director of OPA (Oficina Para Proyectos de Arte), one of the first artist-run spaces of Central America.

gonzalo lebrija

8 – Gilbert & George « The Beard Pictures » at the Thaddaeus Ropac gallery in Pantin. October 18th to January 20th

The Thaddaeus Ropac gallery is welcoming Gilbert & George’s newest serie called « The Beard Pictures », which have been created in the space of two years. The pictures will also be presented in New York, London, Brussels, Athens and Naples. Regarding this exhibition, the British writer and novelist Michael Bracewell states: « The Beard Pictures are violent, eerie, grotesque, lurid and crazed. They show a dream-like world of paranoia and destruction and madness. Their strange sickly colors and creeping, smashed up, absurd landscapes confront the viewer with relentless aggression. They depict a world bereft of reason, in which negotiation no longer exists. »

Gilbert & George, Beardwise, 2016

Gilbert & George, Beardwise, 2016

9 – Douglas Gordon « Jesus is not enough » at the Untilthen gallery. From October 19th to December 23rd

Douglas Gordon is a multi-facetted artist who uses various mediums such as videos, installations, photography and texts. His installations often makes the spectator experiment with the idea of images and narration and reflect the artist’s obsessions. He is best known for incredibly inventive artworks like « 24 Hour Psycho » (1993) in which he slowed down the Hitchcock movie to make it last for a whole day, or the movie « Zidane » which portraits the football star during a match, in multiple different angles, excluding him from the collective. Gordon’s artworks have been exposed internationally and his movies presented in many festivals.


10 – Malick Sidibé « Mali Twist » at the Fondation Cartier. From October 20th to February 25th

As one of the founding figures of contemporary African photography, Malick Sidibé has captured an African youth in constant mutation, facing western cultures and lifestyles. His black & white photographs were often taken in situations of life, joy and celebration, at parties, marriages, bars, clubs and concerts. His work will be celebrated at the Fondation Cartier, curated by André Magnin, where more than 250 photographs will be shown, some exclusive to the exhibition.

Malick Sidibé

Malick Sidibé

Written by Alice Butterlin.




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