Friday, December 1, 2017

Backstage with Landon Nordeman – PLEASE! Magazine


What goes on behind the scenes? American photographer Landon Nordeman opens his first solo exhibition in New York, a look at the fashion industry from the inside. 

A face spotted in the crowd, belonging to ethereal beauty Erin O’Connor. A colourful Salvatore Ferragamo bag sitting on an equally colourful striped floor. A ceiling of mirrors on which a stream of models are endlessly depicted. Photographer and journalist Landon Nordeman has an eye for detail which lends itself particularly well to the wonderfully intricate world of fashion.

In his first solo show, First Looks at the Voltz Clarke Gallery in New York, the NYC-based photographer exhibits his best fashion reportage work: far from the street-style antics going on in front of the venue, Landon delves backstage to capture the frenzy and creative energy that surround the preparation of a fashion show or event. “I love the fashion world,” says the photographer. “I learned that, like many worlds I’ve had the pleasure to photograph, it is filled with emotion, mystery, humour, hard-work, surprises, and dreams – and most importantly that it is filled with amazing people. It’s the unique and creative individuals who make it what it is, and as someone who truly loves and appreciates people, I am forever smitten by the charm and energy of the fashion world.” For the New Yorkers: you can catch Landon’s pictures until July 19th. For the others, here’s a selection of our favourites!

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