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Exclusive Shopping Guides at the Parisians’ Favourite Department Store



Situated in the heart of the fashionable district of Le Marais, Le BHV MARAIS is one of the most iconic department stores in the world. With over 2,000 fashion brands and sophisticated homeware, from Le Creuset pots to SMEG fridges, Le BHV is the perfect place for those searching for that French style.

What sets BHV MARAIS apart from other department stores is that it offers unique tourist trails complete with expertly trained professional guides who offer tours of the Marais district. These tours allow you to shop like a true Parisian, finding the best deals and the most stylish products right in the center of the capital of fashion.

BHV MARAIS offer three tours to suit different budgets:

The Insider Marais tour gives you privileged access to the exclusive areas of Le BHV MARAIS. Firstly you will browse the famous department store, with over 2,000 fashion brands represented. You will then be welcomed into the private Salon Marais section which is normally closed to the public. Here you can browse in a relaxed atmosphere away from the crowds.

Next you can arrange for the items you have bought to be delivered with their Livraison VIP service directly to your hotel or apartment, allowing you to relax hands-free for the rest of your tour.


Your guide will then take you on an enchanting tour of the historic Marais district, past beautiful mansions and chic boutiques. The guides are experts in the culture of the Marais, so you can learn the history of this fascinating district.

For the grand finale you will be taken to Le Perchoir, a rooftop terrace restaurant with fantastic views of the district and Paris, to sip a delicious cocktail. The perfect end to an indulgent day.

Your package includes:

  • Tourist guide in the Marais (1h30)
  • Exclusive access to the Salon Marais with refreshment
  • VIP delivery to your hotel
  • Priority access to rooftop Le Perchoir
  • 1 drink at the bar
  • Bonus: Discount -20% on a selection of our brands *

For a reduced price you can enjoy the same treatment in Le BHV MARAIS store, with VIP access to the Salon Marais and delivery to your hotel.

Later you will be welcomed at Le Perchoir for a post shop cocktail. Feel like staying for longer? No problem, you can extend your stay at Le Perchoir until 2am!

Your package includes:

  • Hands free shopping
  • Exclusive access to the Salon Marais with a refreshment
  • VIP delivery to your hotel
  • Priority access to rooftop Le Perchoir
  • 1 drink at the bar
  • Bonus: Discount -20% on a selection of our brands *
Le Perchoir, ©BHV MARAIS

Bon Plan Shopping

Love a good deal? The Bon Plan Shopping package gives you the chance to explore Le BHV MARAIS store with your exclusive tote bag and a 10% discount on a range of fantastic items. You will also be offered the VIP delivery service, so you don’t have to carry all your purchases around Paris when you’ve finished shopping. You will also be offered a drink and a pastry of your choice at the Starbucks in the store for lunch.

Your package includes:

  • VIP delivery for your purchases to your hotel
  • Starbucks beverage and a pastry
  • BHV MARAIS limited edition tote bag
  • Bonus: 10% discount on a selection of brands

For more information on these fantastic deals* and the BHV MARAIS store, click here.


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