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Besides covering the buzzing fall winter 2018/2019 trends being unveiled at the Men’s Fashion Weeks, what about welcoming a brand’s news addressing other issues than style as well? At the beginning of 2018, Moncler and UNICEF announced a partnership to support children who need help and assistance the most, notably pointing out the fact that for millions of persons: dressing for success means dressing for survival. 

Through the ‘Warmly Moncler for UNICEF’ project, children from around the world and their families will receive clothing and dedicated winter kits to protect themselves against cold weather. »The project, it is explained, will guarantee winter kits for many children and their families containing items such as thermal blankets, hats, gloves, scarves, shoes and socks; fuel to heat homes,schools’ classrooms and spaces where children can play; and life-saving aids such as food, clean water and medicines. »

The first ever partnership between the Milanese-based outwear company, run by Chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini since 2003, and UNICEF was created in 2016 following the earthquakes tragically devastating some parts of central Italy. Along with the growing concern of brands for more responsability regarding manufacturing and societal issues, likewise the ever-growing actions of UNICEF in the fashion industry is to be noted. 

Last November, a new partnership between UNICEF and Norway’s $ trillion sovereign wealth fund, the world’s biggest fund, was announced in order to improve children’s rights somehow impacted by the fashion industry. How all-important it is to cover the backstage of fashion, besides trends, has never been so needed in today’s society.


On 18 January 2016, children laugh in Barpak village, Gorkha district, Nepal. 

Five-year-old Uralbai wears a hat in his home in Bulgan District, Khovd Province. 


Written by Stéphanie Bui.

Jan 30, 2018
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