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The worry-free, utopian character of the private swimming pool which has left its mark on twentieth century architecture is the theme of the current “Domestic Pools” exhibition at the villa Nouailles until March 18th. Following on “Landskating” and “La Boîte de Nuit”, the art centre continues its thoughtful exploration of cultural architectures specific to spaces intended for entertainment. The culture and representations underpinning the design and architecture of the swimming experience is evoked by retracing the architectural devices employed for bathing from their initial appearance in modern homes to the utmost contemporary experimentations. The exhibition chooses to highlight the now-late architect Alain Capeillères’s pool for his summer home, in Six-Fours-les-Plages, in the region Var. Overlooking the sea, he excavated part of the sloping site, freeing up an area which is protected from the wind and surrounded by retaining walls. Covered with more than 100 000 white ceramic tiles, this curved architectural setting houses a central pool which is 25 meters long. This oversized, open-air building, appears like its own world, a white oasis inhabited by the shadows of the surrounding landscape. An architectural hidden gem.  Among other exhibited projects are those by Alvar Aalto, Andreas Angelidakis, Arquitectonica, Ricardo Bofill, Richard England, ENSAMBLE, Didier Faustino, Robert Mallet-Stevens, Adolf Loos, Manuel Aires Mateus, Julien Monfort, Julia Morgan, MVRDV, Office KGVDS, OMA, Philippe Rahm, Thomas Raynaud. Sounds like an occasion to imagine our own idea of the utopian room as well!


above and below is a series of four photos of Alain Capeillères’s pool, Le Brusc, Six Fours-les-Plages © Romain Laprade, 2017




Robert Mallet-Stevens. Pool for the vicomte de Noailles Clos Saint Bernard, villa Noailles, Hyères, France, 1929. Photography attributed toStudio Rey, 1929. Collection villa Noailles.

Barozzi Veiga. SOLO House. Project conceived for pour the second homes collection SOLO Houses launched by Christian Bourdais, SOLO Gallery, Cretas, Spain, 2015.

Andreas Angelidakis. Hand House. Project conceived for Pin-Up Magazine, Case study House, The L.A. Special, number 9, winter-fall 2010-2011, Los Angeles, United States (non built). 

MVRD, Y House, Tainan, Taiwai, 2014 (project interrupted, not built).

Arquitectonica, The Pink House, Miami, United States, 1973-1978.

Albert Frey, The Raymond Loewy House, Palm Spring, United States, 1946-1947. Photography by Julius Shulman.

Alvar Aalto. Vila Mairea, Noormarkku, Finland, 1938-1939. Photographer unknown.

Ricardo Bofill, Maison familiale, Monstras, Spain, 1973. Photography by Lluis Carbonell.


Fév 21, 2018
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