Monday, February 19, 2018



Calais Christmas Offer with P&O Ferries

courtesy of the Ville de Calais This past summer, the port city of Calais hosted 1,000 people from England for a cultural outing. Now, Calais invites you back to enjoy...


All Roads Lead to Pontorson

a cafe in Pontorson. Photo: Ani Moriarty Scroll back to the year 1030, when Norman war bands set up camp on the River Couesnon, and you’ll find the beginnings of...


The Alchemy of Gauguin at the Grand Palais

Paul Gauguin (1848-1903), Portrait de l'artiste au Christ jaune As one of the major artists of the 19th century and pioneer of modern art, Paul Gauguin needs no introduction. Or...


My Life in Paris: Of Spies and Cheese

“Les Horloges” (the Clocks) outside Gare Saint-Lazare, which tends to be busy at any time of day This is Gare Saint-Lazare on rue Amsterdam, a favourite subject for Monet and...

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